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1.204.988 ZAR
Cosmic Black

The Beosystem 9000c is a beacon of beautiful sound, and your personal record store window. Paired with the Beolab 28 speakers, we’ve brought the Beosound 9000 CD player to the present.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
The Beosystem 9000c is a beacon of beautiful sound, and your personal record store window. Select your CDs. Display them in the iconic vertical player. And bask in a masterwork of artistry and engineering.
Only 200 of these exist
We’ve stripped the original Beosound 9000 CD player to its core and rebuilt it from the ground up. Guided by design legend David Lewis’ original vision to proudly display your music, instead of hiding it in a black box. Its tall, transparent form makes a gallery of your albums.

A duo of Beolab 28s showcase the unbeatable fidelity of your CDs. It’s a goosebump-raising partnership of acoustics and aesthetics. This is Beosystem 9000c.
Here to make history. Again.
All the benefits of cutting-edge tech. All the beauty of classic design.
Beosound 9000c is an icon of the past. With an ear to the future. A new anodised floor stand and fabric cable add texture to the famous silhouette. Want to truly bring past into present? The integration of Beoconnect Encore enables the player to connect seamlessly with two Beolab 28s – and all their modern features. Sound you can direct as you choose. Bass that adapts to any room and placement. Precise stereo coordination.

CDs are dead. Long live the CD.

In an age where CDs are considered obsolete, Bang & Olufsen celebrates the legacy of the CD with the Beosound 9000c. As champions of fidelity, we meticulously recreated this iconic CD player to give you every note, detail and beat of your collection. Like you’ve never heard it before.

It’s not just about the superior sound. It’s feeling the music in your hands. Lingering on the artwork. Carefully choosing your lineup. With a 90s style control panel and six-CD changer to play with, Beosystem 9000c brings that back in the biggest way possible. Every listening session becomes an event. Each time you press play, you touch the music and it touches you.
The engineering of Beosystem 9000c isn’t just for show. It is the show.
The CD clamp accelerates as quickly as a sports car. An LED ring shines as it takes your discs for a spin. And with that speed comes seamless switching between individual album tracks – no matter which CD they’re on. It’s a single, endless stream of sound. 31 years before digital got there. All housed under a glass case to keep the artwork and movement as crystal clear as the music.
Colour? Cosmic. Sound? Stellar.
Twin Beolab 28s complete the system, fashioned in Cosmic Black – an infinitely deep shade. Aluminium lamellas crown the dark fabric beneath, pearl-blasted for a high-contrast finish. It’s the first time we’ve ever used this process, or this colourway.
The cosmic effect expands into Beosound 9000c.
The elegant interactive lid of the vertical CD player chimes perfectly with the Beolab lamellas. Its floor stand equals their darkness and depth. For a futuristic-looking trio that transcends space and time – born in the same factory, two decades apart.
Imagined in London. Born in Denmark.
Soho, London, 1995. Bang & Olufsen designer David Lewis walks past a record store window and stops in his tracks. He sees six CDs, laid out in a row. A gallery of album art. It gets his mind turning: imagine you could put your music on display, instead of hiding it away in a black box.

The idea for the Beosound 9000 was born. A six-CD changer and record store window in one. Designed so that everyone can bring a CD to the mix. And fill the home with an endless stream of beautiful sound.
Iconic. Any way you look at it.
Six CDs. Seven ways to show them. Any set up, any room. It fits in, and stands out. Get the same iconic experience in the Bang & Olufsen app with all the latest features enabled.
  • 1 x Beosound 9000c Recreated Classic Edition
  • 6 x carefully selected CDs
  • 2 x Beolab 28 Natural Aluminium/Cosmic Black
  • 1 x Beoremote One BT
  • 1 x Beoconnect Encore
  • 1 x Accessory box for Beosound 9000c
  • 1 x An exclusive wooden welcome box
What else might you discover?
109.999 ZAR
Wireless subwoofer with powerful impact bass
High-end wireless subwoofer bringing powerful bass and a unique sculptural design to your living room.
Build a custom setup just for you and receive a personalized quote! Book a visit and experience the wonder of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Special offer: buy BeoLab 18 and get BeoLab 19 and Beosound Core as a gift! Only till June 30th.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Meaningful innovations
Our technological breakthroughs never seek technology as an end.
Adaptive Bass Linearisation delivers great bass from small speakers by harnessing surplus capacity in the amplifier and driver unit. We extend a speaker’s bass output far beyond what it would normally produce and automatically adjust it for excessive peaks.
Home theatre system
Widen the sound stage with Beolab speakers and expand your home cinema experience way beyond your living room. Explore your many options and discover why Bang & Olufsen home theatre systems aren’t just for movies.
Reach peak performance
Add extra depth and uncover new details in films and music with this progressive subwoofer. It’s not just the distinctive design that gives Beolab 19 its impact. Every technical detail is engineered to capture the precise emotions in even the lowest frequencies.
Accurate wireless sound
You can place Beolab 19 anywhere you want. The subwoofer is equipped with the innovative wireless WiSA technology that brings unprecedented levels of stability and precision to your home audio setup and seamlessly connects with all WiSA-compliant speakers and TVs.
Surprising symmetry
Where most other subwoofers are designed with unpleasing aesthetics, Beolab 19 brings its own distinctive style to your surroundings. The geometric form and solid aluminium exterior produce a sculptural character, true to its forceful nature.
Unlike traditional subwoofers, BeoLab 19 remains incredibly still by balancing the vibrations of the two speakers drivers to cancel each other out.
from 123.999 ZAR for basic speakers set (2 pcs)
Powerful compact speaker
Compact and powerful as a surround, stereo, or standalone speaker, Beolab 8 adapts to your space, offers versatile connections, and elevates your audio experience through advanced acoustics, materials, and stand options. Discover true adaptability.

Positioning: Table Stand, Floor Stand and Wall Mount. Ceiling mount will be available later.

*Price including a pair of Beolab 8.

Beolab 8 is the embodiment of versatility. Exquisite looks and replaceable parts give you form and function for any point in your life.
Fidelity from every angle
Beolab 8 stands wherever you need it to: walls, floors, ceilings, tables. And it soars with powerful, detailed high-def sound. This is a speaker of all trades, without any trade-offs.
A surround sound powerhouse
Cinema? Beolab 8 slots seamlessly into your current set up as a rear surround powerhouse.
A stirring stereo experience
Left meets right: two Beolab 8s deliver a more stunning soundstage. They’ll work in concert to fill the room.
A standalone masterpiece
Hear it perform in harmony. Have it fly solo. Either way, the sound soars.
Groundbreaking, room-shaking sound
Enjoy all the power and pedigree of a Beolab speaker, anywhere in your home. A three-driver set up delivers detail and depth. The bass hits you with an intensity you wouldn’t expect from a speaker the size of a sheet of paper. And it doesn’t just have surprising brawn. It’s got the brains to match.
Your room. Mapped.
Every room is unique. That’s why Beolab 8 carefully maps its environment with a dedicated microphone – to deliver crystal clear quality and musical fidelity no matter the size or setup of your space. A neodymium motor drives the sound home. So you can enjoy a soundscape adapted to your surroundings and your immersion.
Always hits the right spot
Beolab 8 does more than adapt to your room. It adapts to you. Using ultra-wideband technology, it directs the acoustic sweetspot to wherever you are. As long as your phone is on you, the sound is too. No need to readjust your speaker, or your room. *Fluid Sweet Spot only works when using Beolab 8 in a stereo setup with Apple iPhone (Apple iPhone 11 or newer).
Narrow. Wide. You decide.
Beolab 8’s beam width control lets you switch seamlessly between two listening experiences. Narrow down with precision audio channelled directly to you. Or go wide and diffuse sound throughout your space. Which mode is it in? The LEDs on the front will enlighten you.
Let the moment click
With our Mozart platform at its heart, Beolab 8 can connect easily through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. And it can stream just about anything. The platforms you love now. And the ones you’ll love in the future. It has the power to process and play them all.
Past meets present. Meets future.
Legacy set up? Beolab 8 has Powerlink and Wireless Powerlink built in. So you can connect to TVs and sound systems going back more than 30 years – with reliability, and fidelity. But Beolab 8 doesn’t just play with the classics. Its Mozart platform helps orchestrate them like never before. Link up. Press play. Bathe the moment in music.
Decades of design. Distilled.
Beolab 8 is an all-out effort in effortless design. On top, an intuitive glass interface reacts to your fingertips. At the base, it nestles into a single piece of flowing aluminium – shaped in our fabled Factory 5.
Yours to customise
Each of the four stand options is a piece of art. Slender. Sculptural. Combined with a selection of different cover materials. From textured fabric to bands of solid oak.

Whatever your aesthetic, Beolab 8 will optimise its sound to make the most of your chosen materials. The final touch? A laser-cut Bang & Olufsen marque that shines with light.
A revolution in evolution
Beolab 8 doesn’t just have the ability to upgrade its looks. Its modular build lets you replace crucial bits of tech – all the way down to its Mozart platform. So as the world changes, it can still be ready to play. And connect. And stream. With craft and materials designed to last, it could be a decade before you have to update Beolab 8. But as soon as you need a change, it can evolve – with the sound of your space, and the look of your home.
  • Beolab 8
  • Power cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Wishbone (tool for connecting the speaker to the stand)
  • Back covers (L+R)
Find the right speaker for you
from 186.999 ZAR for basic speakers set (2 pcs)
Acoustic work of art
An iconic pillar of luxury sound, Beolab 18 is a wireless speaker crafted from carefully selected materials.
Build a custom setup just for you and receive a personalized quote! Book a visit and experience the wonder of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Special offer: buy BeoLab 18 and get BeoLab 19 and Beosound Core as a gift! Only till June 30th.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Sound for the senses
Everything that bears the Bang & Olufsen name has been tuned to perfection, bringing you right into the sound.
At Bang & Olufsen we have been sharing an obsessive passion for sound for almost 100 years: it has been a vital mission of ours to constantly test, measure and perfect the techniques used to reproduce sound.
Our speakers and sound systems are sublime technical instruments, delicately tuned by hand and ear to bring you right into the music, revealing all of its beautiful details and passionately demonstrating its ability to move you, physically and emotionally. The acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to ensure that every product is perfect.
Let the sound carry you
Widen the sound stage with Beolab speakers and expand your home cinema experience way beyond your living room. Explore your many options and discover why Bang & Olufsen home theatre systems aren’t just for movies.
Wireless and flawless performance
Discover the impeccable experience of wireless Bang & Olufsen sound. Needing just a single power cable to perform, the speaker brings incredible opportunities to unleash the joy of multi-channel wireless audio in your home.
Any spot is the right spot
The slender speaker leaves a surprisingly small footprint. It’s designed to fit and blend in almost anywhere, regardless if you are looking for a freestanding floor speaker, want to tuck it in a corner or hang it on your wall like an artwork.
A poetic expression of sound
The aluminium pillar balances almost magically on its pointed base, while the crafted wooden lamellas appear to be fanning out the sound across your room in concert with the acoustic lens on top. Meet design and engineering in perfect harmony.
Design-driven innovation
Beolab 18 is a stunning work of design engineering with audio performance at its heart. The acoustic lens evenly distributes the upper frequencies in a 180-degree horizontal arc, delivering superior sound experiences across your room, not just in front of your speaker.
All the little big things
Behind its beautiful exterior, Beolab 18 is filled with advanced audio technologies. Adaptive Bass Linerisation automatically adjusts the bass performance to what you are playing, while the room adaptation feature optimises the sound based on your speaker's placement.
Automatically responds to extreme peaks by reducing bass throughput, ensuring unrivalled Bang & Olufsen performance throughout.
from 402.999 ZAR for basic speakers set (2 pcs)
Poise meets power
Rethink cinema at home with Beolab 28. A pair of stereo speakers ready to impress, wherever you place them.
Build a custom setup just for you and receive a personalized quote! Book a visit and experience the wonder of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Adapts to anywhere
Sound of the studio
Stream it all
Slim shape. Cinematic scale.
Don't be fooled by the looks. Press play and move through huge stereo soundscapes with Beolab 28. Years of acoustic excellence have led to this moment: hear every boom, breath and beat with a new level of clarity and depth. And when it comes to bass, it hits. Hard. Studio-grade quality, cinema-level goosebumps.
Amplify the action
Movie time? Plant a pair in front to soak in soaring stereo, or sit them behind your couch for spine-tingling surround sound. They even work in symphony with other Bang & Olufsen speakers and televisions. That's the magic of Beolab 28 – made to make you feel like you're really there.
Influence every moment
Make the moment yours with Beolab 28's adaptable directional sound. For one-on-one sessions with your favourite artists, you can narrow the wood covers to create the ultimate listening sweetspot. For movie nights or dinner parties, open wide to fill your room with sound that captivates everyone.
Brace for the bass
Beolab 28 makes the most of its surroundings, adjusting the low end with active room compensation so the bass never underdelivers. They adapt wherever you place them – to make any room a sound studio, or a movie theatre. No corner or position too tight. Just perfect playback every time.
A long line of design
Inside Denmark's Factory 5, Beolab 28 is born. Each aluminium piece is milled by metalworking maestros. Every speaker is wrapped in tactile fabric designed for acoustics. Then the final touch: oak from suppliers we’ve worked with for decades. Almost a century of knowledge goes into the craft – so you know that for years to come, it will still be standing tall.
Makes itself at home
Beolab 28 is the definition of versatile elegance. Just as at home on the wall or the floor, the sleek silhoutte delivers sculptural beauty and sweeping cinematic sound – from anywhere in the room.
Perfection? It's personal.
Do you have a special look in mind to make Beolab 28 blend in with your space? Make it a reality with our personalization options. Or contact us to select fully bespoke materials to match your interior.
Complete connection
Connect wirelessly, stream instantly and play it all. Designed to pair with classic products as well as future platforms, Beolab 28 works seamlessly with Airplay, Chromecast and Beolink. Each speaker also has an intuitive UI on top, so control is always at your fingertips.
If your device is not at hand, Halo will be. Control all your speakers with an intuitive touch screen display, set into a beautiful remote.
Find the right speaker for you
from 1.321.999 ZAR for basic speakers set (2 pcs)
Classic floor standing speakers
High-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with graceful aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship.
Receive a personalized quote for a configuration designed just for you! Book a visit and experience the wonder of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Powerful floor standing speaker
A loudspeaker that exceeds expectations time and time again. Finely tuned to provide balanced, rich audio whether listening to music or watching a movie. Prepare for exceptional performances of music and cinematic soundscapes, powered by patented Bang & Olufsen technology.
Grace and power
With an eye-catching geometric design, Beolab 50 embraces natural colours and contours to create a beautiful blend of contemporary styles. The Acoustic Lens majestically ascends before performing, creating a magical moment that sets the stage for an extraordinary listening experience.
High-end sound
Enjoy high quality sound in your home entertainment set up with an active pair of loudspeakers designed to match your desires. Extraordinary cinematic experiences, carefree music as a backdrop to your day-to-day or intense, audiophile enjoyment - all are catered to by this powerful speaker.
A speaker for every scenario
Building on the ground breaking active loudspeaker work that characterises Bang & Olufsen, Beolab 50 is a radically powerful all-in-one speaker. Our audio engineers have created a floor standing stereo speaker that delivers a powerful performance every time.
Music tailored to you
With its adjustable acoustic lens, Beolab 50 can alter its sound delivery to suit the audience. When listening alone, the lens contracts to send a direct sound beam to create a sweet spot. With a house full of guests, the lens opens for a room-filling performance.
Made-to-measure music
Active Room Compensation measures the acoustical behaviour of your room and the placement of your speakers. The data is used to create a custom set of filters for your Beolab 50, tailored to your space so you can enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard exactly as the artist intended.
Minimalism requires dedication
To create a powerful yet elegant speaker like Beolab 50 takes a huge amount of effort. Achieving authentic sound in a minimalist design involves a careful process honouring more than nine decades of relentless commitment to design and acoustic innovation.
A graceful performer
With its slender, tall silhouette and rounded base, Beolab 50 is a notable yet unobtrusive addition to any home. The aluminium surfaces and wood lamellas are beautifully displayed in a refined and visionary design.
Control, your way
Get everything you need from Beolab 50, the way you want to. Intuitive, straight forward controls make it easy to access even the speaker's most advanced features. Control it all with Beoremote One BT, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen App.
Personalise your own Beolab 50
When it comes to finalising an aesthetic, every choice counts. So we want to give you the opportunity to be the one making the choices. Pick your favourite materials and colours to make Beolab 50 your own.
A remote control for accessing your music without having to use your mobile device. Integrated with touch screen display. Simple and intuitive.
from 3.410.999 ZAR for basic speakers set (2 pcs)
State-of-the-art floor standing speakers
Unprecedented power and acoustic performance. Floor standing speakers that seamlessly adapt to your living space and music preferences.
Receive a personalized quote for a configuration designed just for you! Book a visit and experience the wonder of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Built for audiophiles
Crafted to meet the needs of even the most discerning of listeners, Beolab 90 brings a truly powerful sound into a home entertainment set up. With no less than 8,200 watts per speaker, 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower, 300 watts amplifiers and 4 channels of 1000 watts class D Heliox amplifiers, these speakers ensure music and soundtracks can be enjoyed to their fullest.
Intelligent stereo sound
Advanced stereo speakers adapt to your living space and preferred listening experiences to create unforgettable, everyday excellence. With 18 premium drivers and 8.200W per speaker, Beolab 90 has powerful, very high-quality sound for sensational music listening and home entertainment.
Tailored for your home
Active Room Compensation acoustically optimises the sound of your speaker to deliver your music perfectly. The technology analyses your room to adjust for speaker placement, as well as walls and furniture, to ensure a sensational listening experience in any room.
Adjust your listening experience
Beam Width Control gives you the power to control the sound dispersion to suit your needs. A narrow sound beam offers precise delivery to a particular listening spot. Wide is perfect for movies, while 360-degree omnidirectional sound is superb for parties.
Music that reaches you
Created for flexible living spaces, Beolab 90 is designed to ensure you always have a front row seat. Our Beam Direction Control technology lets you define one of five directions as the acoustic front, giving you a tailored sweet spot listening experience.
18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak drivers are placed in carefully defined positions for maximum performance.
Each speaker packs a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers and four class D amplifiers.
The Beolab 90 is an acoustic powerhouse with the capacity to deliver up to 8,200 watts.
Elevating audio with an artisanal touch
Berluti and Bang & Olufsen collaborate for a limited-edition collection of products, celebrating ‘savoir-faire’ and lifestyle. Offering unprecedented performance and adapting seamlessly to their living space, Beovision Harmony and Beolab 90 both offer a luxurious, immersive audiovisual and surround sound experience when used together.
Creating a masterpiece
A floor speaker with the size and complexity of Beolab 90 is quite something to manufacture. The top tower is cast in 10mm thick plastic, and the main cabinet is solidly cast in aluminium. These are fitted together and all the amplifiers and drivers are mounted, the software is then installed and as the last step the "naked" loudspeaker is clad in the semi-transparent fabric and the aluminium crowns are installed.
Strength in elegance
Shaped to optimise performance, Beolab 90 has been carefully engineered for the best possible sound every time. The bold design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet with a rock-solid structure, yet its curved wooden base and fabric sails create an aura of lightness.
Advanced features. Simple controls.
The power to harness the mighty Beolab 90 lies in the palm of your hand. Use your Beoremote One, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen App to play music, adjust settings and access your presets. You can also control your sound via your Beovision TV, for seamless entertainment experiences.
Personalise your own Beolab 90
When it comes to finalising an aesthetic, every choice counts. So we want to give you the opportunity to be the one making the choices. Pick your favourite materials and colours to make Beolab 90 your own.
A remote control for accessing your music without having to use your mobile device. Integrated with touch screen display. Simple and intuitive.
Beolab 90 sports no less than 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers and 4 additional class D amplifiers. 8,200 total watts of musical power and precision – per unit.
from 105.999 ZAR for basic 6-tile set
Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers for design-conscious music lovers.
Design your custom configuration and receive a personalized quote just for you! Book a visit and let us guide you through the wonders of cutting-edge home entertainment.

Choose between a pre defined 6-tile set up or create your personal design.

Customer Service Installation Warranty 24 months Free express delivery
Define and redefine your perfect shape
Beosound Shape is a uniquely flexible speaker system that can grow and evolve with the changing ways you live. Rearrange the tiles to form a new pattern, change the colours when you redecorate or add more tiles to boost sound performance or acoustic damping properties.
All sound. Enjoy silence. Celebrate originality.
Beosound Shape is a modular speaker system for design conscious music lovers. Hanging like a unique piece of art, it delivers immersive sound staging and the ability to improve your room acoustics with its built-in noise dampers.
Beosound Shape is designed to match your interior style.
Make music a tactile and aesthetic experience with high-quality fabric covers, including exclusive wool fabrics from Kvadrat.
Create your own design
No two configurations are the same, and that's the beauty of it. However, each one is sure to leave an indelible visual mark – on every wall and in every room. Visit our showroom to create your own Beosound Shape design. We'll start by defining a template and a look and feel. We'll finish your project with a performance level that suits your needs.
Expand your experience
Beosound Shape is a part of our ever-growing home speaker collection. The products seamlessly connect into one Multiroom audio system with the potential to expand to every room of your home.
A band on your wall
Prepare for an innovative and social music experience that brings ‘the band’ right into your room. Beosound Shape cleverly utilises a setup with multiple speakers to deliver a concert-like perception of singer and instruments. Book a demo, to feel the sensation.
Turn down the noise
Poor indoor acoustics makes even the most beautiful room unpleasant to be in. Relieve the problem by integrating acoustic damper tiles when you design your Beosound Shape.
The heart of your music
At the heart of the system lies our Beosound Core connectivity hub. A small built-in box that lets you stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.
All-in-one speaker system
Beosound Shape is more than just a wireless speaker. It is a complete audio system that can boast as many as 44 individual speakers, playing your digital music in rich and high-res audio quality.
Kitchen? Executive boardroom? Public restaurant? With the vast colour choices and modular design concept, BeoSound Shape can be customised to match and elevate any living space.